Deliver Unit to:

29910 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd G-216

Murrieta, CA 92563

Unites States

Hydrostatic Testing

Units are hydro tested per DOT requirements to ensure integrity of the welds, material and fittings.


A repair typically consists of a minor issue between the 5 year DOT certification. We diagnose the unit and replace only parts that are necessary to make the unit function properly.


A refurbishment is typically done every 5 years. The unit is completely torn down and sent out for hydro testing per DOT requirements. Next it goes through an oxygen cleaning process and drying cycle. The last step is final assembly with the new parts. One last leak check is performed before shipment to insure your sampler is ready for years of service. 

Turn Around Time

We understand down time can be an inconvenience and result  in lost revenue. Typical process time is 3 to 4 weeks. Expedited service is available.